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She got bullied at school, but now all the boys want to sleep with her and take her shopping.

Did it ever go further than name calling?

Oh gosh, yes. There was one time in Science class, this guy would not stop throwing things at me. Whenever the teacher turned his back to the class, he’d throw little bits of paper or Skittles at my head. It was annoying, but I just ignored him, hoping he’d eventually stop. He didn’t, though. He got so frustrated that he took a bunsen burner and held it to the bottom of my hair. My hair was on fire, I couldn’t fuckin believe it!

He probably wanted to ask you out, but didn’t know how.

Looking back, I definitely think that was a part of it. A bunch of horny boys who didn’t know how to talk to the white girl with the big lips. Plus I was really bookish, I always had my head in some graphic novel. What the fuck do you say to a girl who readsWatchmen?

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